America Recycles Day 2022

It’s America Recycles Day! Today, Americans spend the day recognizing the importance of recycling for a greener Earth. This may be by recycling items at home, work, school, etc. Although recycling smaller items can help the environment, you may be overlooking the items you own that can make even greater impacts.

Did you know that you could recycle your vehicle? Automobiles are actually the most recycled item in the world! Any car can be recycled, no matter its condition. In fact, almost 80% of a car can be recycled, with 12 million vehicles recycled annually in the U.S. Automobiles are primarily made up of materials that can be reused, such as steel, lead, and plastic.   

Sources: Environmental Protection Agency, Recycle Nation

What We Do

At Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS), we work to spread awareness about auto recycling! Our company makes tremendous efforts to be environmentally conscious and sustainable. This is specifically through auto recycling, as we specialize in it. Our network of licensed recycling partners purchase all types of used, damaged, salvage and non-functioning vehicles. That includes cars, trucks, wagons, SUV, and even hybrids! Many of the vehicles that our company accepts through our charity program are sold to these recycling partners as well. ARS has directed over 178,000 vehicles we process for charitable donations and other clients to licensed recycling partners.

So, if you own a vehicle that you are ready to get rid of, consider donating or selling it through one of our programs. Advanced Remarketing Services uses methods to ensure that the recycling of automobiles is environmentally friendly, and that you receive maximum returns. 

Ways to Recycle a Car

You can donate your car through our vehicle donation service, Car Donation Wizard. Your car enters the recycling stream the same way, as if you were to sell to a local recycler. Instead, the proceeds raised from the sale to licensed recyclers go to the charity of your choice, and you will receive a tax benefit. Start your car donation online or by calling 877-957-2277.

If you would like to sell your car quickly for cash, our staff at You Call We Haul can assist you. If there’s no recycling facility nearby or you want cash fast, our network of towing agents will tow your car at your most convenient time, and hand you cash at pick-up. Through this program, you can make money while helping the environment! Visit You Call We Haul to sell your car for cash or call us at 866-771-5865!

Alexa ReisAmerica Recycles Day 2022

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