1955 Cadillac Donated to Dallas Habitat for Humanity

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Guest Blogger: Austin Vierkant

Click that seatbelt, this blog post will be a bit different than the usually scheduled donation post. This is about a 1955 Cadillac DeVille, that above all odds made it out alive. The car had a rough life staying outside in the elements. It isn’t in the best condition and while I think it looks gnarly, I can understand if you don’t think so. Who couldn’t love the rust drizzled across the mint colored car? Although it’s driving days may be behind it, this old antique actually supported the Dallas Habitat for Humanity with the Cars for Homes donation program!

The Car: 1955 Cadillac Deville

I am here to inform you that this beat up beauty still netted quite the financial catch for the Dallas Habitat for Humanity.

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While researching this post I noticed that this model didn’t have the most significant cultural impact. While you may have glimpsed other Cadillac models on the silver screen, the Deville was more of a family model.  This being said, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you have stored at or how apocalyptic the vehicle is, everything counts! We can help turn old cars that need a little TLC into a brighter future for families across the country.

Habitat for Humanity helps turn the dream of homeownership into a reality for hardworking families in need. This affiliate works to build “a Dallas where every neighborhood is proud and we are proud of every neighborhood.”They are a visionary for revitalizing neighborhoods in the Dallas area, making significant quality-of-life improvements for those who need it most.

Dallas Habitat for Humanity is not new in the neighborhood. For over 30 years, they have been building – and rebuilding – homes across Dallas County. All new homes are 100% Energy Star Certified, which saves energy and helps keep monthly costs low.  Homeowners are not just able to help build their future homes, but receive housing counseling, financial education, and support through every step.

Cars for Homes

Cars for Homes is simple as can be! You can donate your old car, motorcycle, boat, or RV to support your local Habitat. Visit our website or call at 877-277-4344 to provide information about your car donation, and our local tow driver will reach out to schedule a pickup in no time. Even better, 75-80% of the gross proceeds go directly to Habitat, which means more improvements in your community!

Emily Kelley1955 Cadillac Donated to Dallas Habitat for Humanity

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