Happy National Non Profit Day!

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National Nonprofit Day is celebrated every year on August 17th. A day to acknowledge the important missions and work that millions of organizations do around the world.  At Advanced Remarketing Services, we proudly work with hundreds of nonprofits daily through our vehicle donation program. Early this year we hit a milestone of helping raise over 150 million dollars for our charity partners. A fact I share personally and professionally with pride a joy to be a part of.  

While we are all still wondering what will happen with giving and fundraising with new 2018 tax laws, there are signs that non-profits will not be as strongly affected as projected. In fact, 2017 saw all-time high numbers. Based on 2017 research and data people are still giving, and breaking numbers. GivingUsa.org reports in 2017 for the first time charitable giving exceeded $400 billion dollars, and giving by individuals grew by 5.2% since last year. These numbers are staggering and helps us believe this growth rate can continue through 2018.

So, what can you do on this National Nonprofit Day to help support the work of your favorite charity, and be a part of reaching more record breaking charitable giving numbers? Consider volunteering somewhere new, make a monetary donation to a cause that has been on your mind, simply say ‘Thank you’ to individuals who spend their days devoted to make a change and difference in the world through charity work, or consider donating an old car you no longer need sitting in your driveway. When you donate your car to programs like Cars for Homes, Cars for Wishes, North Shore Animal League, and many more, our car donation program returns over 80% of every gross dollar raised back to our charity partners. That is certainly a way to do something impactfull today.

While I wish I had a car ready to donate today, I do plan on doing something different today. This National Nonprofit Day, I plan to write to my non-profit partners and say ‘thanks’ for all the hard work and energy they put into the organizations they work for every day. I will give money to a friends cause and fundraising efforts for a 5k this fall, and I will continue to work and be a part of the fundraising efforts all the organizations we partner with here at ARS.  

Ali LyonsHappy National Non Profit Day!

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