A Unique Motorcycle Donation to the North Shore Animal League

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Usually on our vehicle stories, we tell you about the history of an interesting donation. This North Shore Animal League motorcycle donation comes with a story – and unique design – of its own!

Custom art on the side of this Kawasaki North Shore Animal League motorcycle donation.

In the words of the generous donor:

“Being a passionate KISS fan since 1976, it only made sense my motorcycle reflected this. I was quite satisfied with my own artwork and pinstripes on the tank and fenders, and the flashing red lights that went with the paint.

However, life and riding became much more exciting on September 29, 2007, when Ace Frehley pulled into Moroneys Harley Davidson, shortly after I dropped it off for service! I introduced myself, showed him the bike, and the artwork. He agreed to sign the back fender, where the pinstripes reflected his makeup.

Flash forward to June 2017, I brought the front fender, with Peter Criss’ makeup in pinstripes, to NYC, where he signed it. I was a proud and happy woman wandering the streets of Manhattan holding the front fender of a motorcycle. So, two out of four isn’t bad, I guess. It’s been a fantastic adventurous chapter in my life, riding this bike.”  

Peter Criss, better known as the Catman and drummer of the rock band KISS, may have been this creative donor’s inspiration for supporting the North Shore Animal League.

The North Shore Animal League is a wonderful charity that is the one of the oldest and largest no-kill shelters in North America!

Since 1944, they’ve saved over 1,000,000 animals’ lives!They do more than help animals. They coordinate educational outreach programs. That means working with schools and libraries to help connect kids with animals, teaching critical skills including emotional intelligence. Over 3,000,000 students have been involved in their educational programs!

North Shore Animal League is an amazing charity, and they can’t do it all alone…

Do you want to help the North Shore Animal League and the incredible charitable work they do? Did you know that they accept car, boat, RV, and motorcycle donations?

The process to donate your vehicle is incredibly quick and easy. Simply call in at 800-752-6462 or visit our donation page to get started!

We will tow your car away for free, and on average, 75-80% will go directly to the North Shore Animal League! Even better, your donation is tax deductible!

Emily KelleyA Unique Motorcycle Donation to the North Shore Animal League

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