Antique Cars Create a Special Buzz

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In our part of these great United States, 4th of July is a HUGE deal. Our county is home to the oldest continuous annual 4th of July celebration in the country – in fact, this year, marks the 230th! For those who plan it, participate in it, live near it, and watch it – it’s a big deal, something we’re very proud of, and therefore worth mentioning more than once.

The 4-hour parade attracts more than 200,000 people annually from across the world. Each year it’s filled with drum and bugle corps; U.S. navy, army, marines, coast guard, air force, and war veterans; dozens of floats; a myriad of government dignitaries and entertainment and sports celebrities who greet you like neighbors you’ve lived next door to for decades. This year, I specifically noticed a large number of antique vehicles in the line-up, carrying dignitaries who can no longer walk the 2.5 mile parade route. Did I notice because of my newly developed focus on all things auto? Or, was there really a larger number of antique vehicles due to the parade’s special anniversary (230)?

Either way, everyone was excited to see these older vehicles “on parade”. They were an impressive and tangible piece of American history that brought the good ‘ole days to the forefront. The kids loved the sparkle and glitz, while the older folks saw timeless beauty, a memory of days gone by, or the America they fought for so many years ago.  Still, others stared in admiration of the difficult task of keeping these treasures pristine amidst unpredictable New England weather.  All I could see was the potential each antique had to support a worthy charity; all the services it could support, and all the people who might realize a better life.

All donated vehicles can make a difference, but it’s these antiques that create a special buzz and have the potential to generate a significant amount of cash for a lucky charity. We are always taking special note when one comes through the door….or rolls down the parade route.

If you have a vehicle, of any make, model or year, that you’d like to donate, contact us online at or by phone at 877-888-8322. It’s easy, simple and fast!

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Emily KelleyAntique Cars Create a Special Buzz

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