Donating Hope to KNKX

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Does your vehicle have a name? 42% of people admit to naming their car! The most common names reported are Betty and Betsy. Today’s story is not about a Betty or a Betsy, but a 1984 Honda motorcycle named Hope. After years on the road, Hope’s owner decided to donate to KNKX! Keep reading to find out how Hope came to be donated, and how you can support your favorite station with a car donation!

Hope: a 1984 Honda VF500c

The best way to find hope is to read about it directly from our donor!

Her name is “Hope”! I bought her from my friends, A. and G., who owned Hope for many years. G. took amazing care of this bike, and A. learned how to ride on her. Then Hope came into my life when I was going through a really tough time, with lots of health issues. I was pretty broken and sad, but I learned how to ride on this bike, and Hope carried me through! Years went by, life changed, and I couldn’t keep up with the care that Hope needed. She’s been waiting patiently in my garage, hoping for a new home and a new friend.. someone new to share Hope with. Maybe that’s you! :)

donate to knkx

Driving Public Radio: Donate to KNKX

KNKX is more than a radio station in the Pacific Northwest; KNKX is “your connection to jazz, blues, and news“. One of the most popular Public Radio stations in the country, KNKX provides news and tunes to listeners in Washington state and around the world. They broadcast regional news as well as national programming.

KNKX reaches 325,000 listeners weekly in Western Washington, and 350,000 online listeners every month. Help fund programming when you donate a car, motorcycle, boat, or RV!

If you want to support a station closer to home, you’re in the right place! Visit our website or give us a call at 877-215-0227 or visit our website and select your local station!

Emily KelleyDonating Hope to KNKX

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