Keeping it Green All Year Long

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Having “St. Paddy’s” day in March is the perfect precursor to Earth day in April.  We’re wearing green in one month and living green the next.

In our office, there’s lots of green…on “St. Paddy’s” day and all year long.  It’s an important standard for us to consciously incorporate green or eco-friendly practices into the way we operate and do business.  We’re always consciously looking for new and more effective ways to decrease our negative impact on the world around us.

We believe in sustainability – living life fully and responsibly without compromising other lives, present and future.  Sustainability applies to all issues but here in the office our work focuses on economic, social, and environmental sustainability.  You could call our approach “Green Sustainability”…making sure how we do what we do is the most efficient approach with the smallest negative impact on resources.

Our work is based on that premise.  We’re in the business to ensure that low-value and end-of-life vehicles are taken off the road and repurposed responsibly.  Older vehicles have an enormously negative environmental impact from paint, brake dust, fluids, batteries, tires and more.  We work with partners who share our high standard of protecting the environment and handle each vehicle element responsibly and carefully.

Green Footprint

In the office, we’re a team of green people aware of the huge carbon footprint a company typically has on the environment so we take measured steps to reduce that in every possible way.  Yes, we recycle used envelopes and faxes, and turn off lights when we’re not using them, but the way we OPERATE is green.  We’re virtually paper free relying on technology to share and store information, more and more of us are carrying laptops to meetings instead of notebooks, we have an open office floor plan which allows us to share resources instantly and with many people at once, we carpool, walk or bike to work whenever possible.  We provide reusable water bottles and mugs to all employees, reduce, reuse and recycle everything we can.

Our workplace culture encourages healthy living and sponsors  employee “get fit” challenges.  We’re lucky to be part of a farming community, so our company regularly brings into the office fresh fruits and vegetables to share with employees reminding us of the benefits of buying local.

We also believe in the power of the individual to do great things.  Together and separately, we deliver positive and tangible changes to the environment and our communities through volunteering.  We take part in charitable events that enable growth and development, and support initiatives that turn knowledge into action, empower children and families.

Yes, in terms of color March 17 may be the greenest day of the year.  But, in terms of a smart movement towards greater efficiencies, collaboration, and communication, we see everyday as a green day.

About ARS

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Lisa CrowellKeeping it Green All Year Long