Talking Auto Recycling With WADK

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Listen to Advanced Remarketing Services make our radio debut talking auto recycling and car donations on WADK

This past Thursday, Advanced Remarketing Services had the honor to join the “Talk of the Town” segment on WADK 1540 AM.  WADK is a local radio station in Newport, Rhode Island and the “Talk of the Town” segment highlights a different business each week.  Our goal during the interview was introduce the listeners to the auto recycling industry as well as provide some facts about cars they didn’t know or realize.   In addition, we gave an overview of the car donation process, including how we choose the right place in the recycling stream to place a vehicle in.  You can find a recording of the interview from WADK here.  Skip to 14:30 in for when ARS makes our appearance.

One of the main topics we focused on was explaining the materials that make up the composition of a car.  We discussed how steel is the main component that makes up a vehicles curb weight and is also a 100% recyclable commodity.  The environmental impact of auto recycling is widely unknown to the general public but we are doing our part to spread the word on one of the biggest industries in the United States.  At Advanced Remarketing Services our focus is on these older, higher mileage vehicles who are the biggest polluters still on the road.  If you have some time and want to learn more than listen to our interview on WADK or sign up to follow along with our blog below!

Zack LaskyTalking Auto Recycling With WADK

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