Wreckonomics™ Quarter 1 2022

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In our previous Wreckonomics™ posts we took a look at the underlying forces of the pandemic and the impact on auto recycling and salvage markets.   The post led to some great conversations and some interesting ideas.

This month, ARS was invited to participate in the United Recyclers Group Annual Training Conference.  URG asked if ARS could discuss Wreckonomics and continue the conversation with a further focus on Auto Recycling and Transportation.  It was an outstanding show and conference and we loved attending with our friends and partners in the industry

We were pleased to be able to delve into some of the many pressures affecting our industry over the last year and in the months to come as we find a ‘New Normal’.

Below is the presentation deck with most of the appropriate citations.  Would appreciate any questions, comments or ideas that this might help to cultivate.  It’s a fascinating economic moment as we search for a return to normalcy in unprecedented times.

ARS developed the mBid® application to leverage local demand for low value and end of life vehicles from ‘the field.’  Direct sale of these assets lowers processing costs, significantly reduces fee basis, improves cycle time and delivers a significant net lift for our partners.

mBid® is a comprehensive solution, managed completely by ARS.   We worked closely with licensed dealers and dismantlers to design a system for distributing and managing these assets that delivers reliable information to buyers, manages logistics, processes titles and is equitable for buyers and sellers.


If you have a pool of low value vehicles in your portfolio or if you’re looking at ways to maximize recoveries, please reach out to us at ARS.  Send us an email; success@arscars.com  


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Joe HearnWreckonomics™ Quarter 1 2022

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