ARS Employee Story: Bethany

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Meet Bethany from our Communications Department!  She is the proud owner of a 1999 Honda Civic Si that I believe she considers her second child after her beautiful little girl.  I sat down and asked Bethany about her car, her racing history and why she enjoys it so much.  Who knew that we had such a motorhead working side by side in our office!

What kind of car do you have? (include engine details or any other interesting performance related info)

Year: 1999
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: Si
Color: Electron Blue Pearl

JDM 1996 spec Integra Type-R Motor/Transmission (b18c/lsd)
Fastline Performance Shifter w/ Energy Suspension Bushings
Hasport Mounts Andozided Black
Long Tube PLM header ProMotive Volcano heat wrap
Blackworks Racing Test Pipe
Greddy Ti-C exhaust
Buddy Club N+ Dampers
Front Buddy Club Camber Kit
Engils Rear Camber Kit
Full Energy Suspension Bushing Kit
Function 7 Lower Control Arms
Work Emotion Racing Lugnuts Ray’s Engineering
Volk ce28n Limited Edition Gold 16×7 +42 offset
Falken ziex ze 912 205/55/16
Body Modifications:
Civic SiR Headlight Housings
Civic Si OEM Rear lip
Chargespeed front lip
Civic Si OEM Wing
OEM sir thin side moldings
Interior Modifications:
Nardi Personal Grinta Steering Wheel
NRG Thin Version Quick Release
NRG Steering Hub
NRG Harness Bar
Takata Drift II Bolt-In Harness
Blox Neochrome Shift Knob
Pioneer MP3/USB Deck Pioneer Interior Speakers and Tweeters
Viper Alarm

Made 210 whp on a dyno tune and ran 13.5 seconds on the quarter mile on street tires at the track.

Tell me a little bit about your racing history.

I grew up around cars, my dad is Volkswagen fan.

How old were you when you got into it?  How did you start? 

I got into Hondas when I was 17, when I bought my first Civic.

Do you still do any races?

Since I’ve become a mom I barely drive the car.  And now a days I usually just take it to shows and car meets.

Besides racing, do you bring your car to any shows?

Yes, I’ve won two Best of Female trophies, one 2nd place Best Civic, one 3rd place Best Civic and a Top 100 trophy (out of 6,000 cars).  I’ve also been accepted into elite shows like Wek-fest, Canibeat, Clean Culture, Broke, East Coast Honda Meet, Honda Day.  For about four years I had a sponsorship with a company based out of Texas called Do Work Son.  They are no longer in business today.  I’ve also had features in two magazines based out of Japan.

What makes your car unique/interesting to other Honda enthusiasts or car enthusiasts in general?

I have put about $30,000 into the car.  Also unlike other Hondas, I built the car to be periodically correct.  So even though today there are faster motors, when the car came out I went with what would have been the best option for the time period.

Does your car have a name?

Yume was her original name.  It means Dreams in Japanese.  But no one even knows that because I just call her BLUE.

Have you had other cars before this one?

Yes, my first car was a 1991 Eagle Talon TSI.  It was AWD, turboed and lowered with a sound system. Then I had a list of Hondas prior to this build:

  • 1996 Honda Civic EX (coupe)
  • 1998 Honda Civic DX (Hatchback)
  • 1994 Honda Civic DX (hatchback)
  • 1996 Honda Civic DX (Hatchback)
  • 1999 Honda Civic EX (coupe).

All had a much smaller modification list, like wheels and suspension.

What is your favorite part about owning/racing your car?

Driving it. It’s my happy place.

Zack LaskyARS Employee Story: Bethany

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